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Joel Kowsky | www.spaceshuttlepolaroids.com

Joel Kowsky | www.spaceshuttlepolaroids.com

One of the wonderful photographers I went to the University of Missouri with has recently come out with a spectacular site that totally fascinates me. It features beautiful polaroid photographs of the final few years of the American space program taken from an unique perspective.

Over the past few years 25-year-old Joel Kowsky has been closely following the end of American space exploration, on his own time and dime. He has traveled everywhere from Florida to California documenting launches, retirements and the final journey of the space shuttle Endeavor. Some of his work will even be featured at the California Science Center’s Endeavor exhibit along with a time-lapse of the journey he worked on that will be coming out in the next month. The way he photographs the end of the space program is especially unique and beautiful.

“Everybody’s seen pictures of the space shuttle and launch and and walk-out, I just wanted to do something a little bit different,” said Kowsky. “And I like the look of a Polaroid; It feels somewhat timeless and everybody knows what it is. Our parents took polaroids and chances are growing up at one point you had a polaroid camera.”

He initially got interested in the project because he’s a “space nerd,” and wanted to document the end of an era.

Check out his website and I would highly suggest ordering his book. It’s truly captures the end of something breathtaking.

Joel Kowsky "End of an Era."

Joel Kowsky “End of an Era.”


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