Wedding Week in Instagrams

Wedding Week in Instagrams

John and I tied the knot in mid October in a BEAUTIFUL Southern California wedding. The weather was perfect, the wedding went flawlessly (that I know of) and the groom was pretty cute! Here are a few photos from the amazing week and even some from our honeymoon in Big Sur.  

Top Chef Runner-up Brooke Williamson portrait

Top Chef Runner-up Brooke Williamson portrait

Our favorite Redondo Beach chef Brooke Michelson got second place in this season’s Top Chef. When I say favorite, I actually mean it too. If you’re in the area definitely check out her restaurants Hudson House in Redondo Beach and The Tripel in Playa del Rey. John went balls-to-the-walls covering her success and watched almost every […]

Hermosa Beach Sunset

Hermosa Beach Sunset

A canvas 24 x 36 print of this photo is available for sale for $125 at the Manhattan Beach Art Department

Manhattan Beach Art Department | Photography Class | Part 1

Manhattan Beach Art Department | Photography Class | Part 1

Congratulations!!! You’ve decided to take the next step and start learning what all the buttons and dials on your camera do. I know all those knobs and buttons are overwhelming– but believe it or not, they all have a function! During the time in this class you’ll learn how to master your camera’s manual mode, see […]

I said ‘yes’ to a Kirstie Kelly dress!

I said 'yes' to a Kirstie Kelly dress!

I made one of the biggest decisions of this whole wedding planning adventure a couple of weeks ago when I said ‘yes’ to a Kirstie Kelly dress!

Recent stories in Redondo Beach…

Recent stories in Redondo Beach...

At the Easy Reader News we’ve been working very hard on many different articles for the holiday season. Along with our usual articles, we’ve been pounding the pavement to find some exceptional stories in our little part of the world. The week of Thanksgiving the staff produced a cover story about the local homeless. After […]

Couture Kirstie Kelly

Famous couture wedding dress designer Kirstie Kelly, who designed the first Disney dress collection, got the unfortunate fate of having me write a profile on her for our monthly Beach Magazine. I knew  NOTHING about wedding dresses, or even fashion, and she was wonderful and gracious enough to walk me through her design process and educate me […]

Please be patient…

Please be patient...

I am currently in the process of transferring my blog and website from GoDaddy to BlueHost. Please be patient and my old website will be online soo In the meantime, please check out a couple of recent articles I’ve written about Redondo Beach in the Easy Reader News… 12.01.2012 Sektnan Resume Teaching outside the box […]

Mr. Strong Man lifts kid's spirits

We recently started a series of articles featuring the “Working Life,” we also do another one called “Profiles in Education,” so profiling Washington Elementary School’s custodian was a natural fit. It was the first story for all-star-reporter Laila Samimi, and she did an excellent job!

Goldie Hawn supports vitality in Redondo Beach

My all-time favorite actress Goldie Hawn made an appearance in Redondo Beach a couple of months ago for a Blue Zones Makeover event. She was super sweet and cute, and a little bit spacey. All that I could have imagined! Blue Zones is an amazing program I’ve been covering during my time covering Redondo Beach […]

Fido & Friends leash child

Okay… every photographer out there knows that this is a STOP AND SHOOT moment. I couldn’t help it, I stalked them for quite awhile at the Fido & Friends event.

Redondo Beach Springfest

The best part of being a reporter is watching other people experience things. I had so much fun watching these three boys enjoy the tilt-a-whirl at the local Springfest in Redondo Beach. 

Crossfit 310

One of my worst habits that I can never break is taking pictures of activities I’m involved in. Recently I started taking crossfit classes at Crossfit 310 in Redondo Beach. The art studio next door to crossfit calls it the ‘fight club.’ Unfortunately due to a back problem I’ve been forced to sit a month […]

Celebrity DJ Sam Ronson plays in Manhattan Beach

My friend and editor Mark McDermott at the Easy Reader News has been working on a story about celebrity DJ Sam Ronson. He gave me a call a couple of days ago and I was able to spend some time taking pictures of what she does at Twelve + Highland in Manhattan Beach. It was […]

Little Mermaid costume for the win!

As some of you know if you’re Facebook friends with me… I recently entered a costume contest.

With my cats.

It all started a couple of weeks ago in the conference room when I picked up a menu off the table for a new burger joint across the street from my office at the Easy Reader News. Ironically were chatting about multimedia and the journalistic uses of an iPad. That’s when I turned over the menu and TAH DAH… there was a costume contest at the venue in a week, and the grand prize is… you guessed it, an iPAD! Our office doesn’t provide us any on-the-go equipment, (or any equipment at all actually) so the prospect of winning one was just want I needed, especially since I just got a subscription to the L.A. Times Online Edition… So I decided to go full-steam ahead and win this thing.

One year at the Easy Reader News

This week marks my one year anniversary working for the Easy Reader News. It’s definitely been an up-and-down experience. I have had to learn how to balance my home and work life, calm down and not let mistakes or worries drag me down, and get serious about multi-tasking and weekly organization. I’ve also learned the joys of writing news, the thrill of the breaking moments and what a great responsibility I have to telling the stories of the community I cover. I’ve learned a lot about writing, and even more about the tight-knit Redondo Beach community. The boxes from moving my stuff out to California from Minnesota and Missouri have finally been unpacked, pictures have been hung and I’m really just starting to feel like I’m settling-in and can honestly call the South Bay home.

Bee keepers in Redondo Beach

I’ve recently been working on a story about bee permits in Redondo Beach and I got to spend part of the day with attorney and bee keeper Ed Garcia. He didn’t want me to take pictures of him in the flowery hat!  I even got to put on the bee keeping garb, but mine was […]

Fun family portraits in Manhattan Beach

My fiance John and I recently officially launched our wedding and portrait photography business. Check us out at http://www.johnpluschelsea.com/ follow us on twitter & check us out on Facebook  share our site with your friends or book your own session soon  

Local Hermosa Beach Artist Ron Arias

My wonderful friend Ron Arias (Who has his OWN Wikipedia page!) who used to be a writer for People Magazine and now copy edits my newspaper, the Easy Reader News in his spare time, found a second life hobby, painting ceramic plates, cups and plates.

RUHS graduates honored by former president Bill Clinton

Security was tighter than usual at the Redondo Union High School graduation last Friday afternoon because of two very special guests. Bill and Hillary Clinton, the former President and current Secretary of State, attended the event to celebrate their nephew’s graduation.

Dalai Lama faces question of a lifetime

Written by Robb Fultcher, photos by Chelsea Sektnan The Dalai Lama prepares to speak at the Long Beach Arena, as Geshe Thupten Jinpa, his principal English translator, looks on. Photo by Chelsea Sektnan His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso, wearing the maroon robes of a “simple Buddhist monk,” mounted a stage and bowed to a large, standing […]

Riveting Designs: South Bay-based handbag designer Stephenie Hammitt celebrates 10 years of style

The smell of leather laced the air of the hip Manhattan Beach bar, Twelve + Highland, renamed Twelve + Hammittland for an evening late last April. Where friends normally sip cocktails and eat crispy calamari sat hundreds of soft Hammitt handbags, adorned with the signature gold and silver rivets and classic silhouettes of the 10-year-old brand.

Vietnam Revisited- Recent Stories

  Vietnam revisited- Photographer Tom Sanders launches a project documenting the faces and stories of Vietnam veterans   Phil Perles. Photo by Tom Sanders. Tom Sanders became interested in the plight of war veterans while working on a class project in college. He was photographing veteran Lt. Randall Harris when he showed Sanders a six-inch scar […]

President Bill Clinton visits Redondo Beach

There was a lot more hoo-haw during graduation season this year when former president Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton made an appearance for their nephew’s graduation. The president even made a speech urging the graduates to not be afraid of failure and, “get out and live your dreams.” It must have been nice […]